Zinc Iron Plating


Protect your parts with Zinc iron plating—a cost-effective, earth-conscious, and attractive finish to extend the corrosion prevention of any part.

Zinc iron plated parts with a black finish

High-quality Corrosion Resistance & Protection

KC Jones offers a zinc iron surface system for mass-produced and rack goods, which can be used wherever higher corrosion protection with an attractive, deep black surface is needed. The system consists of the metal coating using an alkaline zinc iron electrolyte with a homogeneous iron incorporation rate between 0.3 and 1.0%, a black passivation process to protect the zinc iron layer from white rust corrosion, and an additional sealing process which is applied to the passivation closing any cracks and pores at the same time. The sealants we use are tailored to the respective passivation systems, sustainably improving corrosion protection and increasing the surface’s mechanical resistance.

Zinc Iron Plating Properties

  • Higher corrosion protection of > 480 hours in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Very well suited for complex geometries
  • Homogeneous and overall black appearance
  • Good white rust resistance
  • Uniform thin layer thickness

Zinc Iron Specifications & Benefits

Our zinc iron alloy is electro-deposited from an alkaline bath with a layer thickness of >8 µm. It has a homogeneous iron incorporation rate of between 0.3 and 1.0% and a black passivation system which helps protect against premature formation of gray haze and white rust.

Zinc iron has a very homogeneous coating thickness distribution and can be used for technical and functional surfaces. Compared to conventional zinc surfaces, the corrosion protection is significantly better even with very thin layer thicknesses.

Following the coating, a Cr(VI) passivation can be applied which protects the surface from zinc corrosion. Subsequently applied sealants and top coats further increase the corrosion protection.