Adhesive Solutions


Keep nuts and bolts where they belong.

Over time, threaded fasteners like nuts and bolts can work themselves loose from vibration, torque, or thermal expansion. To reduce the impact of costly failure, repairs, maintenance, and downtime, KC Jones delivers adhesive solutions that keep threaded fasteners exactly where they belong.

Parts with Loctite applied to them

The LOCTITE Difference

At KC Jones, we’re experts in LOCTITE adhesive solutions. The LOCTITE Corporation has been the leader in sealing and locking threaded components since 1953 and, and uses green technology to develop their adhesives and sealants. This ensures our adhesives are non-toxic and environmentally friendly to avoid leaks while protecting your parts, your people, and the planet.

The World’s First LOCTITE Authorized Process Center

KC Jones has been applying adhesives and sealants since 1975 as the very first LOCTITE-Authorized Application Process Center. That means we are bringing over four decades of experience and expertise to your parts to make sure they stay put and work optimally over time. 

Benefits of LOCTITE Adhesive:

  • Increase performance by preventing fasteners from failing
  • Engineer resistance against harsh fluids by preventing leakage
  • Reinforce parts by supporting their ability to withstand pressure
  • Shorten manufacturing and assembly times

Our Adhesive Process

KC Jones offers a wide range of adhesive solutions, including pre-applied threadlockers and thread sealants. When pre-applied, adhesives and sealants activate and self-seal upon use, guarding parts from becoming loose or failing over time. Leak-proof sealants offer the additional benefit of blocking fluids and gasses, which can cause corrosion when leaked.

Parts having Loctite Adhesive applied to them

Thread Locking

Secure and seal nuts, bolts, and parts.

Loctite Dri-Loc

  • 200 Yellow
  • 201 Yellow 
  • 202 Green
  • 203 Silver
  • 204 Red
  • 2045 Red
  • STS Light Blue

Loctite Brass-Loc

  • 2020 Purple


  • Precote-30
  • Precote-80
  • Precote-85

Thread Sealants

Permanently seal tapered and parallel threads.

Loctite Vibra-Seal

  • 503 White
  • 503HV White
  • 516 Orange 
  • 517 Orange

Loctite Dri-Seal

  • 513 White 
  • 513 HV White


  • Precote-5
  • Precote-15