Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating is an advanced process that deposits a nickel-phosphorus alloy onto a component’s surface through a controlled chemical reaction. The process requires no electrical current or external power supply. Many parts manufacturers prefer electroless nickel plating over other methods because of nickel’s superior mechanical properties, stability and brightness.

In contrast, electroplating is a finishing process that uses an electric current to apply a metal coating on a surface. As such, it is compatible only with conductive substrates. Since electroless nickel plating needs no electrical current, it works with either conductive or nonconductive materials. Additional benefits of using electroless plating include a more uniform coating deposit and thickness, reliable adhesion to virtually any substrate, and exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.

KC Jones Plating Company Offers Premium Electroless Ni Plating Services

The results of this electroless metal coating process make it ideal for treating a wide range of products. KC Jones performs expert electroless nickel plating services that provide superior wear and corrosion resistance and meet other essential finishing requirements. Our world-class solutions will protect and add value to your automotive parts and components, giving your business a competitive advantage.

We Perform Several Types of Custom Electroless Nickel Plating

Our years of industry experience and extensive metal finishing knowledge enable us to offer a broad assortment of electroless nickel plating services to our customer base. 

Nickel Phosphorous Plating

Nickel phosphorous is the most commonly used coating in electroless nickel plating projects, with the concentration of phosphorous in the plating bath directly impacting the process outcome. The phosphorus content can range from 2% to 14% and is broken down accordingly:

  • Low phosphorous: This nickel plating solution consists of a phosphorous content between 2-4%. This concentration level typically delivers the best results in applications requiring excellent wear and abrasion resistance. A 1-3% solution is also available for electronics coating projects to achieve bondability, solderability and increased electrical conductivity.
  • Medium phosphorous: A midrange phosphorous concentration from 5-9% is ideal for general wear protection and provides reliable corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline conditions. It’s an effective choice for automotive industry applications. 
  • High phosphorous: Electroless nickel coatings with a 10-14% phosphorous level provide exceptional acid and salt-spray resistance. They produce a nonmetallic finish that can protect against corrosion damage in severe environments. Other benefits include high thickness and excellent stain resistance, ductility and solderability.

Nickel Boron Plating

Hard chrome plating that uses hexavalent chromium poses significant health and environmental hazards, requiring a tightly controlled and monitored process. Nickel boron plating offers a safer alternative that also outperforms chrome. 

As an elite metal finishing company, KC Jones is capable of applying a nickel boron coating to even the most challenging surface. Our proprietary process can produce a black, matte or polished finish while meeting or exceeding the protective properties of hard chrome. 

Key nickel boron plating properties and benefits include:

  • Excellent heat resistance due to the high melting point of 1,976 degrees Fahrenheit (1,080 degrees Celsius)
  • Better wear and abrasion resistance than hard chrome
  • Increased ductility due to the unique columnar composition
  • Strong ability to dissipate heat
  • No hydrogen embrittlement that can cause cracking or a reduction in ductility
  • Rockwell scale rating of 70 C+ ensures maximum substrate hardness

Electroless Nickel Coating on Aluminum

KC Jones is your best source for electroless nickel plating for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Because aluminum is a reactive metal, it’s subject to corrosion in acidic and alkaline environments. Its inherent softness also makes aluminum products susceptible to pitting, galling and wear. 

An electroless nickel coating offers a highly functional solution for protecting irregularly shaped or highly detailed aluminum parts and components. Electroless nickel bonds with aluminum at the molecular level, sealing the substrate from environmental factors that contribute to corrosion damage. It also provides a hard, uniform finish that helps prevent wear and extends the product’s life span. 

Why Trust KC Jones for Electroless Nickel Plating?

KC Jones stands apart from the other electroless nickel plating suppliers. Our decades of industry experience, innovative technology and quick response and turnaround times ensure the fast, superior results you need to keep your projects moving forward. We can also handle high-volume projects while maintaining quality and precision levels. 

We’re an accredited metal finishing company with a wealth of relevant industry certifications. As an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)-compliant lead-free and cadmium-free electroless nickel plating provider, we manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Our Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)-compliant electroless nickel plating services adhere to the guidelines regarding the use of specific hazardous materials found in various electronic and electrical products. 

Learn More About Electroless Nickel Plating Services

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