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Manufacturers of products for defense applications depend on plating solutions that can withstand high temperatures, excessive wear and potential corrosion during combat and other harsh environments. Choosing a plating company that can adhere to precise military specifications while ensuring high repeatability and consistency is vital. Because vehicles, equipment and other components continuously face possible damage from contaminants and environmental conditions, only top-quality surface finishing techniques from a reputable plating company can deliver the protective standards that military applications require.

KC Jones Plating Company specializes in metal plating and surface finishing for applications across an extensive industry range, including aerospace and defense. Manufacturers trust us for accurate, high-performance solutions on items like gun barrels, shields, detonators and tank components. We also offer a comprehensive lineup of aerospace plating solutions for aircraft hardware like engine parts and landing gear, plus consultations with our plating experts and other value-added services like assembly and integrated inspection.

Our Metal Finishing and Plating for Military Applications

Depending on the type of protective element needed and the desired appearance of the final product, some plating processes are more beneficial than others. KC Jones offers various metal plating and finishing techniques to meet Mil-Spec standards and deliver distinct benefits for military applications, including: 

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Zinc Plating

The primary benefit of zinc plating is its ability to prevent moisture damage, rust and corrosion on steel and iron components. Besides its superior protective properties, zinc provides a long-lasting finish to ensure many years of durability. Typical applications in the military include parts on armored vehicles, aircraft, electronics and hardware.

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Zinc-Nickel plating

Zinc-nickel plating has emerged as one of the most reliable finishing techniques for protecting against corrosion in the harshest environments. Among the most common military and defense applications are engine components in armored vehicles. Zinc-nickel plating has also replaced cadmium across the industry as the most trusted solution for preventing corrosion and wear on an aircraft's landing gear.

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Bronze Plating

Bronze plating is a specialized finishing technique that few other plating companies have the expertise to perform successfully. Our proprietary Miccrolloy bronze electroplating process is valuable for the defense, aerospace and marine industries because of its exceptional wear and strength characteristics. Typical coating applications include landing gear systems, rotors, pistons and faceplates for aircraft cylinder blocks.

Benefits of Our Military Plating & Surface Finishing Solutions

Metal plating processes from KC Jones deliver many benefits to aerospace and defense applications, including:

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Rust Protection

Protection against rust and corrosion is one of the most significant benefits of many of our Mil-Spec plating processes. Various types of military machinery, vehicles and equipment must endure the most demanding climates and operating environments. Our finishes deliver the protection these items need to provide repeated, reliable service.

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WEAR RESIStance & Lubricity

Using the most practical solution for gun plating and treating other military equipment increases durability, lowers surface friction, and limits wear and tear, extending the item's life span. High-performance coatings also decrease the need for frequent component repair and replacement, resulting in increased cost savings.

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The impurities in many metals restrict the flow of electrons and decrease conductivity. Several of our electroplating coatings enhance a substrate's electrical properties, improving its ability to transmit electricity, heat or sound when needed.

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Hardness is the most critical property for a metal's structural stability. Improving a component's surface hardness with a protective coating increases durability by maximizing its tolerance to potential damage.

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Chemical and Caustic Environment Protection

Metal plating and surface finishing protects a part from the harmful effects of chemicals and caustic environments. Without the proper coating, many metals become susceptible to caustic cracking, corrosion and burning, producing harmful toxins for humans. The appropriate surface finish will increase operator safety and component longevity.

Advantages of Choosing KC Jones as Your Military Plating Partner

The KC Jones team prides itself on going above and beyond to exceed each client’s needs and expectations. We believe in honest and transparent communication throughout each project step, from the early design phases to plating and coating to final delivery. We are among the industry’s top innovators, helping clients develop new solutions that meet the industrial and military specifications required for their products.

Besides our best-in-class quality standards and internal processes that ensure consistency and high performance, we have earned recognition through ISO 9001:2015 certification and National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) accreditation. Many of our surface finishing and plating processes meet regulations and specifications established by initiatives like Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Automotive End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

We also offer a comprehensive lineup of added services to support our clients, including parts assembly, corrosion testing, integrated inspection procedures and more. In addition, we can provide specialty packaging services and direct shipping to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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At KC Jones, we combine unparalleled technical expertise, innovative technology and advanced plating processes to support your greatest manufacturing challenges. Our engineering team can work closely with you to help you choose an optimal finishing technique that meets your application’s plating requirements. Contact our experts today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your operation.