electroless nickel boron

Withstand the most extreme wear

A hard alternative to chromium plating, electroless nickel boron (NiB) is not only a proprietary, wear-resistant KC Jones solution, but has a lower environmental impact too. At KC Jones, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in nickel boron technology and one of the only finishing companies providing electroless nickel boron to meet any surface finishing requirement.

Parts plated in electroless nickel boron

KC Jones Nickel Boron coating Eliminates the Need for Hard Chrome:

  • Outperforms hard chrome and nickel phosphorous coating
  • Withstands high temperatures (melting point of 1080°C)
  • Provides greater abrasion and wear resistance
  • Increases ductility (due to unique columnar structure)
  • Has high hardness (Rockwell 70 C +)
  • Low coefficient of friction (rivals EN – Teflon™)
  • No hydrogen embrittlement (per ASTM 519)
  • Heat dissipation properties
Parts plated in electroless nickel boron

KC Jones is the Global Leader in Nickel Boron FINISHING Technology

KC Jones is the only finishing company that can provide nickel boron to meet any surface finishing requirement. Options include matte, polished, and black finishes.

KC Jones plates more square inches of nickel boron annually than any company in the world. In-house experts at KC Jones guide nickel boron development, along with a wide range of coating technologies. All of this reflects our deep commitment to advancing nickel boron technology.

Is Miccrolloy nickel boron affordable?

At KC Jones, we have innovated on standard nickel boron formulations. Our proprietary Miccrolloy nickel boron plating has all the protective qualities of hard chromium and therefore is accepted as a hard chrome replacement.