Your needs, our solutions.

KC Jones does whatever it takes to support our customers, and while plating is the start of what we do, it’s far from all of what we do. We have a rich history of adding processes and services at the request of our customers including vacuum impregnation, salt bath nitrocarburizing, and furnace copper brazing. Whether we already offer it, or it needs to be added to our list, we go above and beyond to support you.


Whether it’s simply mounting accessories or taking over fully automated assembly lines, reduce overall cycle time and effort by having us assemble your parts after surface treatment.

Aluminum Pre-Treatment

Our wash and stain preservation process involves methods for component cleaning and pre-treatment by washing, staining, and conversion coating.

Corrosion Testing

We thoroughly check our coatings with state-of-the-art test equipment (salt spray chamber, Kesternich Test, thermal shock oven etc.). The evidence of the corrosion resistance is carried out according to customer specifications.

Custom Coating Development

At KC Jones, developing new coating processes for specific applications isn’t just part of the job, it’s something we enjoy. We welcome your challenges and have a history of developing innovative processes to serve our customers.

Process Development and Engineering

Together with our customers, we determine the best possible solutions for each individual component.

Integrated Inspection

We can integrate automated or visual inspection procedures into the coating process to avoid extra handling and logistics when needed.

Hardness Measurement

KC Jones can evaluate and document your product and plating hardness at several points throughout the process to minimize your time and effort after coating.


We can handle any type of labeling, packaging, and shipping for you. This includes accurate packing of the exact number of items into the individual packaging material as well as labeling and dispatch with corresponding shipping documents to the agreed plant or warehouse, which means shorter delivery times; less order management; and lean, environmentally-friendly logistics.

Direct Shipment

We save our customers time, money, transportation risk, and brain power by shipping completed parts directly to the OEM. That means your coated parts not only arrive on time but also safely and in sequence.

Vibratory Tumbling

Vibratory tumbling is the process of smoothing parts using the force of gravity, water, and abrasive mediums. Vibratory tumbling is safe for fragile parts and produces remarkably smooth products.

Tumble Shot Blasting

Tumble shot blasting continuously impacts metal parts with high-pressure streams of abrasive materials like steel grit and aluminum oxide to remove surface contaminants and defects, producing a consistently smooth finish.

High-energy Tumbling

Our most efficient tumbling process—high-energy tumbling–uses centrifugal force to polish parts en masse. Materials that can be finished using our state-of-the-art, high-energy-tumble-finish machines include stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Masking and Selective Plating

Masking is employed in almost any metal finishing operation where only a specifically defined area of the surface of a part must be exposed to a process. Conversely, masking may be employed on a surface where treatment is either not required or must be avoided. KC Jones has in-house engineering capabilities to design and 3-D-print custom-masking solutions.

High-volume Contract Plating

For high-volume, challenging projects that may require customized coating equipment, KC Jones is here to help. We can design, engineer, and integrate a plan for a customer to install the equipment in their facility or ours. KC Jones can deliver custom plating lines as a turnkey solution, or we can even operate it for them. We are able to handle programs from process development to mass production, no matter how challenging.

Coatings for Bonding Rubber

Our adhesives are solvent-based and water-based, equally resilient in harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and high pressures across multiple applications. The adhesives can be applied in various ways. Our high-volume production systems include chain-on-edge spray systems, dip spin, and dip drain. We also offer lower volume methods such as hand spray.