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2nd & 3rd Shift Plater/Team Lead

  • Complete documentation as required in the
    operation as well as completes shop
    paperwork at end of plating process to
    ensure lot control of product and integrity of
    barrel plating data.
  • Capable to run the line self-directed to meet
    KPI targets for production and quality per the
    production schedule.
  • Knows how to perform titrations, request and
    perform resulting bath maintenance and
    additions. Capable of properly using a pH meter
    or pH paper to aid in bath analysis.
  • Understands and executes 5S requirements for
    the washer area.
  • Completes line status checklist during the shift
    and capable to start up and shut down
    the washer plating line.
  • Ensures successful handoff and continuous
    production during shift or personnel changes.
    Keeps process running at shift change over
    and communicates line status with next
    shift before leaving the line.
  • Works closely with maintenance to prevent
    line downtime and quality issues.
  • Trains operators as necessary to ensure
    department meets production, quality and
    safety standards.
  • Understands how to manage diminishing
    bath life, turnovers and how to make necessary
    bath adds and adjustments to maintain optimal
  • Identifies depleted or poorly performing
    filtration and can perform necessary
    replacements or adjustments.
  • Completes all above activities with little to
    no supervision. Actively communicates
    concerns to Supervisor or Plant Manager.
  • Can utilize X-ray to test and record part thickness.
    Adjusts plating times as necessary to meet
    specification. Can use profilometer to check
    part surface roughness between barrels.
  • Capable to check and monitor chemical add
    equipment for proper dosing of the EN Washer
    bath. Reports issues to supervisor.
  • Understands and is capable of excel
    production data entry
  • Willing to work on any line or quality aspect
    as needed to support the requirements of KCJ
    customers quality and delivery commitments.