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Miccrolloy™ Electroless Nickel Boron (NiB) is an improvement upon standard nickel boron. This advanced, electroless, nickel boron-alloy is a hard alternative to chromium plating. It is wear resistant, environmentally friendly and has a low co-efficient of friction. Miccrolloy Nickel Boron is proprietary to KC Jones Plating Company.

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Designed by KC Jones Plating to withstand the most extreme wear, friction and abrasive environments, Miccrolloy Nickel Boron outperforms other chrome replacements. Coated in an autocatalytic process, Miccrolloy Nickel Boron provides multiple advantages over electroplating, such as high velocity oxygen-fuel (HVOF), thermal spray and physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Why Not Chrome?

Corrosion protection solutions have historically contained toxins. In recent years, the EU’s End of Live Vehicle (ELV) directive and its Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive banned the use of hexavalent chromium. These and other measures have led manufacturers to explore alternative materials.

Miccrolloy Nickel Boron Eliminates the Need for Hard Chrome:

KC Jones - Global Leader in Nickel Boron Technology

KC Jones is the only finishing company that can provide nickel boron to meet any surface finishing requirement. Options include matte, polished, and black finishes.

KC Jones plates more square inches of nickel boron annually than any company in the world. In-house experts at KC Jones, guide nickel boron development, along with a wide range of coating technologies. All of this reflects our deep commitment to advancing nickel boron technology.

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Is Miccrolloy Nickel Boron Affordable?

Many hard chrome replacements are expensive. At times, they still contain toxic powders. In contrast, Miccrolloy Nickel Boron is affordable and toxin free.

KC Jones Plating has advanced on standard nickel boron formulations. Its proprietary Miccrolloy Nickel Boron has all the protective qualities of hard chromium and therefore is accepted as a hard chrome replacement. Lastly, it is one hundred percent, environmentally friendly.

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