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KC Jones has extensive background working with high quality metal finishes and automotive plating, and our company is known for applying the world's most advanced specialty and service coatings. Our high quality plating lines include bronze, electroless nickel, zinc, zinc-nickel, nickel-boron and salt bath nitrocarburizing. If you don’t see the finish or plating service your project needs, we will work with you to help you get the job done.

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KC Jones is committed to providing top-quality, environmentally friendly coatings to chemically lock and seal threaded parts while enhancing their performance and durability. Our Adhesive and Sealant Division was one of the first Loctite authorized Application Process Centers (APC) in the United States.

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KC Jones offers top-quality brazing and annealing services. Our professionally maintained furnaces are held to strict atmospheric standards to provide our customers the brightest and cleanest outcomes. Customers can also rely on us to leak test their parts (either under water, pressure decay, or helium test) after brazing.

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In addition to our top quality metal finishing services, we work with unusual metals such as copper and tin and utilize unique processes like tumbling and blasting to provide customers with a set of process options not found anywhere else.

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